What is Concrete Polishing?

Polished concrete floors; is obtained by processing existing concrete. These floors are not a coating product. With the mechanical scraping method, the upper cement paste of the concrete surface is removed and the strong concrete underneath is exposed, then it is grinded and polished with concrete polishing equipment and diamond abrasives. In addition, concrete is strengthened and taken under protection by using liquid materials. As a result of polishing the concrete, a high quality floor is obtained both functionally and aesthetically.

Beauty comes from under polished concrete. Whether the floors are industrial areas or domestic areas; are important parts of daily life. But besides the beautiful appearance, the floors should be functional. That’s why you will fall in love with polished concrete. The glossy concrete surface brings not only aesthetics but also many benefits.

Strong, economical floor Polished concrete is an extremely economical option for all current and industrial activities. When compared with traditional concrete flooring methods or epoxy floors, polished concrete provides an impenetrable, invincible strength and durability. Treated concrete has an infinite product life (one with the life of the building). The initial half is the same or less compared to traditional floor solutions. However, maintenance costs are lower and product life becomes infinite.

This makes the polished concrete system the most profitable half option. polished concrete; The applied product life cycle is 60% less than traditional floor solutions. Using the diamond parked pad cleaning method, your floor is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and minimizes your cost.


Ephesus Cream Etching

Ephesus Granite Etching

Ephesus Terrazo Etching

Ephesus Super Etching


Ephesus Mat

A matte sheen absorbs light and enhances the natural tones of existing concrete.

Gloss Meter: 20

Ephesus Semi-Mat

It looks like a matte finish, but gives a sleek look with a slight sheen that provides a slight reflection.

Gloss Meter: 20-35

Ephesus Dust-Free

Ground dust is

Gloss Meter: 0- 10

Ephesus Polished

High level of light reflection makes this our most popular flooring service. Color is reflected from the surrounding objects.

Gloss Meter: 35-50

Efes Super Polished

Concrete polishing surface with glossy appearance. The smooth, glossy appearance will reflect the lighting in the facility and reflect the colors from the surrounding objects.

Gloss Meter: 50 (+)

Usage Areas



DUST-FREE: Dust formation is prevented for 10 years on the applied surfaces.

SLIP RESISTANT Our systems provide non-slip in application areas.


CONDENSATION: It prevents dust and staining by creating a smooth surface.

INCREASED STRENGTH: Old, degraded or weak concrete is strengthened, impact and wear resistance increases.

NO TIRE TRACKS: The absence of surface resins reduces tire marks caused by forked trucks, vehicles and industrial funnels and baskets and reduces cleaning.


NATURALLY USEFUL: Polished concrete is compatible with the USGBC rating system, which allows you to earn LEED certification for your project while protecting our planet.

LONG LASTING: With proper care, polished concrete floors will last longer than other flooring solutions on the market, extending the entire service life of the facility.

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