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We say “SATISFACTION Starts with Quality”

In the light of our 11 years of building industry experience, we have been organizing our corporate structuring since 2014 by Efes Dekor Yapı Sistemleri Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd. we continue by installing. Thanks to our experience and experience in projects built in different usage areas, we produce solutions that add value to your buildings.Today,  while the building sector acts on the rapidly developing dynamics, we adapt itself to the renewed and changing parameters with rapid interaction. With our belief in the flawless power of knowledge, we make positive contributions to the manufacturing process of our business partners and lead them to time and cost savings.

We are working harder every day to become a reliable company in the projects we are also involved in for the building industry, as it was yesterday, today and tomorrow, without sacrificing quality and always acting with the principles of customer satisfaction. Efes Dekor continues to work enthusiastically during the commissioning of projects…


We are a team working to be your “expert solution partner” consisting of honest, experienced, hardworking, innovative, dynamic and exciting people.

We are an honest team acting with the principle of working transparently throughout our processes for our business partners in our projects.
We are an experienced team that offers solutions that add value to your buildings with the lowest costs, by reflecting our experience and knowledge gained in the application details between different disciplines.
We are a diligent team that mobilizes working methods to achieve successful results in projects where the time pressure is on, by creating alternative work processes by positioning them quickly, not as part of the problem but as part of the solution.

We are an innovative team that follows all the developments in the sector closely and fast adapts to all the parameters changing in terms of materials and applications in all the areas we serve, making it a principle to be a continuous part of the change.
We are a dynamic team that aims to increase customer satisfaction with sustainable quality principles that offer seamless, long-lasting applications to our business partners with our professional staff in our structures with our positive action and endless energy.
We are an exciting team that carries the enthusiasm of the first day when we start work on every new project, never gives up despite all the problems it faces, and gives positive energy to all sides of every moment.

  • "Firmamız için yapılan beton parlatma çalışmalarından dolayı efes zemine çok teşekkür ederim. Çok kaliteli bir çalışma oldu."

    Ercan Çamur
  • "Fabrikamız için toplamda 1000m2 lik bir alanda yapılan çalışmada çok uygun maliyetlere çok kaliteli işler çıktı."

    Erdem Açıkgöz


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